Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Create a new text message

Are you at that flirting stage of a relationship? 
Text Messages Ideas among adults can be so much fun.
Sending the perfect Cool message to keep him or her intrested with our help is easy just add the text to your phone and send it..

  1. Access the main menu on your cell phone.
  2. In menu, select "Messages".
  3. Go to "Create new message" and hit select.
  4. Some cell phone guesses at the word you want based on what letters you enter. See your cell phone manual for instructions how to use this feature.

  5. Enter in your message, using the letters located on the keypad.

  6. To send your completed message, go to "Options" and select "Send".

  7. If prompted to specify the phone number that you are sending the message to, either directly enter in the message receiver's number OR access "Phonebook" and select the message receiver's number.

  8. After selecting the message receiver’s number, hit "Send" to send the message.

  9. Wait to confirm that the message has been sent.